About us

Full brand name

OBR Joint Stock Company
Address of headquarters
ul. Chemików 5, 09 - 411 Płock

Phone/Fax No.
(+48 24) 365 - 33 - 07



774 - 000 - 14 - 31

Registration No.
KRS 0000287669, XIV Commercial Department of the National Register Court in Warsaw

The scope of provided services
OBR JSC provides services within the following scope (according to PKD – Polish Classification of Business Activity):
  • manufacturing and processing products form the refining of crude oil (19.20.Z)
  • manufacturing other basic inorganic chemicals (20.13.Z)
  • manufacturing other basic organic chemicals (20.14.Z)
  • manufacturing plastics in their oryginal type (20.16.Z)
  • manufacturing other chemicals, nowhere classified (20.59.Z)
  • manufacturing plastic boards, plastic sheets, plastic pipes and plastic sections (22.21.Z)
  • manufacturing plastic packages (22.22.Z)
  • manufacturing plastic building goods (22.23.Z)
  • manufacturing other plastic goods (22.29.Z)
  • collecting not hazardous wastes (38.11.Z)
  • treatment and disposal of not hazardous wastes (38.21.Z)
  • wholesale of fuels and derived (46.71.Z)
  • wholesale of chemicals (46.75.Z)
  • activity related to programming (62.01.Z)
  • acitvity related to the IT consulting (62.02.Z)
  • activity related to managemet of IT devices (62.03.Z)
  • data processing, websites management (hosting) and similar operations (63.11.Z)
  • other acitvities related to IT technology and computer systems (62.09.Z)
  • other studies and techical analysis (71.20.Z)
  • scientific researches and development studies related to other natural science and technical science (72.19.Z)
  • scientific researches and development studies related to social science and humanistic science (72.20.Z)
  • library activieties (91.01.Z)